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g s3 which doesn't show anything when i try and open it bekks: no bekks: the exact command ikonia: command line bekks: and what OS are you talking about ikonia: Of course. ikonia: Ubuntu, of course. bekks: what version of ubuntu is it ikonia: 14.04 LTS bekks: so the command is "lsb_release -a" bekks: which one is your system? ikonia: I know. bekks: you're wrong then bekks: sorry, I'm being a bit silly ikonia: Which one do you need to know? bekks: the exact command to get the version number, that's all ikonia: Thats the command I gave you. bekks: you didn't, you gave me an incorrect command bekks: the command you gave me doesn't show the version ikonia: Thats what you told me before. I'm sorry, I'm not going to get into this silly argument with you ikonia: Thats the command to show the version on any Ubuntu. bekks: why did you give that command then - that does not show the version ikonia: Because you told me it did. I'm sorry - you're incorrect the command "lsb_release -a" shows the version that's it ikonia: No it doesnt. you're wrong ikonia: No. not being able to show the version with that command is not an error, it's accurate ikonia: It is. bekks: no




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Adjprog Exe Epson Tx

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